End of lease cleaning


End Of Lease Cleaning Services

End of lease cleaning is a vital service that existing tenants and commercial property leasers need at the end of a leasing period. Business tenants may be looking to hand back office space in the condition it was first occupied in, while the property leaser might be preparing the area for the next occupant.

There is a lot to organise in both cases, and our end of lease cleaning services remove this job from your task list. We provide business owners with an efficient service with an end of lease cleaning cost that is affordable.

Our highly-experienced cleaning team will clean each area using industrial equipment to bring cleanliness and hygiene up to the required standards. Visit Disinfection fogging

Professional end of lease cleaning

We will bring the shine back to tiled floors, removing the dirt and grime that has built up over the lease. We can conduct Carpet Cleaning London with a professional vacuum, including steam cleaning, disinfecting, and spot cleaning of stains, while also removing lingering odours.

Toilet and bathroom cleaning

Our end of lease janitorial services will clean your bathrooms and toilets, including fittings, door handles, and locks. We will disinfect the area to remove viruses and bacteria present on the floor, wall, and ceilings.

Ceiling and wall cleaning

We can remove dirt from the walls and ceilings of the premises. We use products that will not cause damage or fading of the paint or finish.