Pressure washing services


Commercial pressure washing

Jet washing is the most effective method of removing tough stains and caked-on grime from hard surfaces.

Using a high-pressure jet washing, our team of qualified technicians will blast away dirt from substrates. Areas such as tarmac, block paving, cladding, brickwork, and machinery, leaving your property looking transformed and renewed. Environmentally friendly, simple, and highly effective.

There is no better way to rejuvenate the appearance of your commercial property than with our professional pressure washing service.

Blast away dirt and grime with our commercial pressure washing service

Our commercial pressure washing services provide a simple yet thorough clean for hard surfaces. Using a specialised van that’s mounted with a pressure washing system. We are a reputable jet washing company that is able to carry out our services without the need for a water supply. In addition, our services are available at a time that suits you. You can count on Tech Cleaning for a top-quality commercial pressure washing service. Rejuvenate your walls and brickwork, with minimal disruption to your usual working day.

Health & Safety

Not only will it make your premises look better by washing away graffiti, moss, stains, and spillages, but jet washing can also make it safer.

Pathways covered in bird droppings and chewing gum are unsightly and can be off-putting for potential clients or customers. However, they can also make paths slippery and uneven, creating a safety hazard and fall risk.

Power washing surfaces helps to remove contaminants that could be harmful to health, such as dust, algae, soot, and chemical residues. If your business regularly creates fumes, residues, or chemicals you should have regular contract cleaning and frequent Deep Cleaning Services London.